Why Shree Ganesh?

Shree Ganesh Group offers a fast-paced career with global exposure to the best business practices and a chance to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. We believe in a vibrant and open door approach where hierarchies do not matter. Shree Ganesh Group offers you one of the best environments for career development and progression. A strong performance culture and a fully automated in-house appraisal system ensure that your career is chalked out and defined in line with your individual growth and the overall growth of the organization. So, if you're an achiever with a passion for setting and attaining goals, you'll find many opportunities for being recognized at Shree Ganesh Group Come join the world of never ending opportunities...


We practice an Open Door™ culture for employees to connect with one another, cutting across all hierarchies. Career development for our employees is foremost important to us, ensures that the career path of our employees is well laid out and managed.

We believe the journey of an employee in the organization is not merely a career leap in terms of role or designation but also an opportunity for individual growth in terms of skills enhancement as well as professional and personal development.

Job rotations to enhance technical, behavioral and managerial competencies ensure we achieve optimum utilization of available skills set across the organization. We offer employees the flexibility to switch over to a Management or a Specialist role in their career here.

Reward and recognition also forms an integral part of our culture. From a pat on the back for a specific job well done to granting honors through an established formal reward program, our rewards catalogue is a huge one.

Our Focus... Employee Care

Employees are the core of our organization and all our initiatives are focused around providing the best in class™ service to them.

Events, workshops and awareness sessions on health & wellness guarantees we have a healthy & fit workforce. We have various benefits that are provided to our employees at no extra cost. Our in-house visiting doctor and nutritionist offer tips on healthy living & lifestyle. Besides that, a free health check-up facility for employees across all grades takes care that all our associates are fit and brimming with life. Along with the physical well-being we also lay a lot of emphasis on the emotional & mental well-being. Our in-house psychologists help employees vent out their challenges on a personal and a professional level. These experts help them with various tips and techniques to deal with their concerns to achieve a perfect work-life balance.


We at Shree Ganesh Group are certain that employees would have opportunities for their professional development and growth through responsible and challenging jobs, relevant training programs, job rotation, membership of cross functional teams and career advancement.

Our endeavors™ at Shree Ganesh Group will be to make continuous learning and growth a way of life for all our employees