Our HR Mission and Policy

Our Group has the necessary manpower, infrastructure and technology to seamlessly integrate its facilities in order to consistently deliver quality and cost effective products.

HR Vision
"To attain organizational excellence by developing and inspiring the true potential of company's work force".

HR Mission
"To create a value and knowledge based organization by inculcating a culture of learning, innovation, team work and ethical work climate".

HR Policies
The HR policies revolve around the basic principle of creating a highly motivated, vibrant and self-driven team. The Group is concerned about its employees and has in-built systems to recognize & reward them periodically. This encourages them to perform better, resulting in better productivity. Motivation plays an important role in HR Development. In order to keep its employees motivated the Group has incorporated many schemes.

Continuous Learning Environment
A climate of continuous learning is created throughout the organization. Apart from class-room training, associates are encouraged to gather knowledge through on job, sharing of experiences in small groups, involving in various cross functional project teams. Recognitions and rewards are provided for any additionally acquired qualifications and certificates. This has helped the organization to create an environment of innovation and creativity.